Virgin and recycled resin – how to choose?

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These two materials are always confuse people who don’t have specialized knowledge in resin. Each one has special properties thanks to its unique chemical formula. In truth, the noted differences between virgin resins and recycled resins are immensely important to get the targeted plastic products when it comes to price and quality. Let’s get inside the term of virgin resin and recycled resin.

Virgin resin

In the resin industry, resin is made into pellets, also known as nodules. Virgin resin are pure and newly-manufactured without any additive or plasticizer. Some familiar kind of virgin resin is PA, PC, PC, HIPS…

Virgin resin

Virgin resin is usually used in manufacturing plastic packaging, helmet, equipment for health service industry… The pros of this resin is the higher quality against recycled resin thanks to its excellent durability, high-impact capability and shatter resistance. Virgin resin is also well-known for its  flexibility and rigidity.

However, companies are always put in the dilemma when it comes to virgin and recycled resin due to the higher cost of the former. Some suppliers even used recycled resin disguised as virgin resin to deal with this drawback.

So, what is recycled resin? Is it always at bad quality?

Reclycled resin

As our assumption, recycled resin is made from used plastic products like plastic bottle, plastic packaging or bottle for health service. The process from a used plastic products to new resin pellets has 6 steps.

First, used plastic products is collecting by plastic collection centres and some business people who have ventured into plastic collecting business as a source of income. Prior to having some major changes, those plastics are sorted by their resin content and color. Then, those plastics is  shredded, cleaned, melted and finally made of pellets.

Recycled resin made into pellets

There are some suppliers don’t invest in equipment, qualification of employees and much less in quality control of the product. Hence, the quality of recycled resin is hard to assess.

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