The outstanding features of plastic packaging

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Plastic packaging manufacturing has become a major industry in recent years. Especially in Vietnam, people prefer it to paper, leaf packaging thanks to its outstanding merits in daily life.

Plastic packaging is convenient and eye-catching

The Overview of Plastic Packaging

Plastic packing is grouped based on its different plastic polymers ingredients. Many plastic packaing Co. in Vietnam usually provide those plastic packaging below:

PE – Polyethylene:

This resin is soft, trasparent, and has a low melting point. PE is the most popular kind of resin, used in a variety of formats in daily life.

PP – Polypropylene:

PP has an excellent durability and good chemical resistance. Its high melting point making it good for hot-fill liquids. This resin is found in flexible and rigid packaging, fibers, and large molded parts for automotive and consumer products.

PET – Polyethylene Terephthalate:

PET is clear and tough. Thanks to its high-impact capability and shatter resistance, PET is used for many applications of F&B industry such as plastic bottles, food jars, ovenable film, and microwavable food trays mamanufaturing.

Plastic Packaging’s outstanding merits

Thanks to plastic packaging, we are allowed to protect, preserve, store and transport products in a more convenient way.

Comparing to the alternatives, plastic is often a more efficient material to choose because of its lightweight, handy, durability, design freedom and many more. Below are three most exceptional feature of plastic packaging:

Durability: All kind of resins have the long polymer chains which constitute the plastics raw material make it extraordinarily difficult to break. This is a superior feature compared to paper packaging or leaf pakaging in the past.

Lightweight: Plastic packaging are low in weight but high in strength, which cannot be found in any form of packaging. Resins is famous for its high-impact capability. Hence products packed in plastics are prefer since consumers and personnel in the distribution chain can chandle it easily and conveniently.

Print-Friendly and freedom in design: The properties of the resins combined with the array of processing technologies employed in the industry effortlessly supply manufacturer with the infinite number of pack shapes and configurations.

Additionally, plastic packaging allow us to apply the extensive range of colouring possibilities. Hence, we can print and decorate facilitate brand identification and information for the consumer with ease.

Plastics packaging is  widely used in many industry

Dac Hoa An Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd – One of the most innovative manufacturers of flexible plastic packaging in Vietnam

With the high capatility in plastic packaging manufacturing, we are committed to provide our customers with excellent product quality, customized service with competitive pricing.

Our products are always make sure to met the stringent requirements while are advanced to met the need of Vietnam growing domestic industries as well as the export markets.

Dac Hoa An Packaging Co. proudly offer whatever style of plastic packaging customer are interested of with the excellent service delivered at a timely manner.

Dac Hoa An Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd – Your success is our care.

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