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It is undeniable that packaging is the crucial element in marketing strategies yet not many company has an efficient design department to cover. Hence, finding a professional plastic packaging corporate in designing attractive package is the key to succeed in today competitive market.

Plastic packaging design consulting

We tend to think that package is all about covering the product yet it is far more than just “wrap”. On an unconscious level, there are so many cues and messages being communicated to us, that we aren’t thinking about how the package influenced our purchase decision.

Packaging is the decisive tool to promote brand awareness and push sales. It is also a compelling detail influencing our shopping behaviour and the reason why we purchase a product as an afterthought.

On that account, every company is eager to have a perfect packaging solution to raise brand awareness and stand out from the rest. Here is Dac Hoa An Plastic Packaging Corp to meet that need.

Dac Hoa An proudly work with the devoted consultants team who helpfully provide customer with creative and efficient package solutions. Furthermore, our professional employees are well trained to cope with stringent requirement in packaging manufacturing process under the eye of perfectionist.

Dac Hoa An offer the effective package solution to attract customer at first glance

Plastic packaging manufacturing

Thanks to the application of a broad spectrum of technologies, Dac Hoa An has delivered the “unique packaging proposition” for an exceptionally wide range of products for many companies.

The seperated factory equipped with modern, international standard machines allows us to provide customers with excellent product quality, customized service with competitive pricing.

To ensure the immense satisfaction of customers, Dac Hoa An offer the demo of plastic packaging design prior to printing process. True to our motto, “deeply care from concept to the finished product”, Dac Hoa An support customers throughout the entire product development process.

We devotedly support customers from the beginning to the end

The efficient workflow

Since we deeply understand and value the role of responsibility to successful cooperating, Dac Hoa An is committed to provide the excellent service delivered at a timely manner thanks to our competent employees and modern manufaturing process.

As an innovative plastic packaging corp in Vietnam, we believe in the role of effective package solution to the sustainable development. With the aim of customers’ continual success, Dac Hoa An offer them the always-upgraded yet turnkey plastic packaging solution to meet their growing need.

Dac Hoa An Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd – Your success is our care

For more information, please contact us at:

– Office Address: 51/10 Cống Lở, P.15, Tân Bình District, TP.HCM

– Factory Address: 210/1 Hamlet 1, Xuân Thới Thượng, Hóc Môn

– Phone: 0964248247

– Email: contact@dachoaan.com


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