“Dac Hoa An - Bring the impeccable packaging solutions, fortify customers in a belief”


Officially founded since Oct 31st 2017, Dac Hoa An is still a newbie plastic packaging enterprise.

Equipping with the great deal of passion for the packaging business and consistent orientation, we aim at attaining the marketplace and customers’ conviction.

We stay focused on the core values, mentioned from our trademark: “Dac – Hoa – An”. That are, the youth aspirations and unstinting devotions bring the enterprise to the tier of the most trustworthy and active plastic packaging providers.


  • Producing high-quality plastic packaging and bottles
  • Supplying plastic beads for the plastics industry


Dac Hoa An’s specialities of plastic packaging and bottles fulfils the entire customer requirements, bring the optimal solution for every single product.

The superior service quality from Dac Hoa An’s packaging conveys the distinction and creativity.

Additionally, Dac Hoa An is also a plastic beads supplier for the plastics industry.


One of the three words Dac Nhan Tam (the Vietnamese title of “How to Win Friends and Influence People”) states the priority of customer benefits through the quality and efficiency criteria.



Meaning solidarity, our principles aim to the codevelopment from the flourishing cooperation and reinforce the rope partnership between customers and the enterprise.


The definite conviction of the quality, service and products is Dac Hoa An’s commitment for our cooperation.


The luxury appearance of products as customer requirements from Dac Hoa An’s packaging shines out our trademark.

  • The professional consultancy service for well-designed packaging
  • Free trial of samples
  • The procedure is conducted under the best conditions
  • Fulfiling the entire customers’ requirements
  • The continuous innovation and reinforcement