3 tactics for new product packaging to stand out from the crowd

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Packaging is the decisive tool to grap customers’ attention at the first glance and promote brand awareness yet it is usually wrongly misjudged that shoppers make rational, informed buying decisions. In truth, scientists have proven that they throw a glance at your product for only 2 seconds.
So, how to engage their attention in such that short time? Carefully read this article to find 3 helpful advices customized for new products by Dac Hoa An Packaging Co.  

Be clear

According to Russell Nicolet, attorney at Nicolet Law:  “If you enhance images or show products in a drastically different light, all you are doing is deceiving the consumer. This leads to disappointment, poor brand image and ultimately, horrible sales.”

We are all attracted by unique and appealing package. However, when designing a package, the harmony of design and function must be met. No matter how attractive the design is, the irrelevance will create the impression of an unprofessional product. The concept of perfect packaging solution is the perfection inside out.

After being done with the match between design idea and function, you should consider if your package trigger emotional engagement or not. As a new product, you should leave the power first impression on comsumers and it should be done based on emotion, since the truth is that they only act when a brand makes them feel something.


Safety first

If you aim to grow sustainably, health-friendly critiria should be considered in your package. Modern consumers are smarter and stricter with plastic packaging as they know that the degradation of polymer chains caused during recycle formulation may increase the danger of contamination.

Recycled plastic may contain contamination

The advice is: finding a professional plastic packaging corporate using virgin resin in their process. Virgin resin is health-friendly and give your package the long-lasting quality. Moreover, a sum of money can be saved since there are fewer adjustments required for printer compared to recycled plastic.

Not so bizarre yet authentic

A weidro always grab much attention yet negative ones. Therefore, try to be creative but not counterproductive. You have to stand out from the crowd so let’s be authentic. That’s the only way to secure consumers’ attention that hundreds of brands is competing for.

Think outside of the box. Let’s be innovative and makes your brand impossible to ignore from the layouts, images, colors, fonts, etc.

Let’s stand out from the crowd

Dac Hoa An proudly work with the devoted consultants team who helpfully provide customer with creative and efficient package solutions. Furthermore, our professional employees are well trained to cope with stringent requirement in packaging manufacturing process under the eye of perfectionist.

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